914----5Teach English in China and experience a culture very different from your own with programs that put you in the middle of the world’s oldest civilization. Add teaching experience to your resume and bring a fresh viewpoint to developing communities well off the beaten path in rural China or dive into the bustle of a fast-growing city like Chongqing, Xian at our XCELI school or even in Shanghai. The sights and variety of experiences in China are nearly as vast as the country itself.
Our Certification program is approved by: State Foreign Exports Bureau China
Cost of Enrollment: $400.00 Pay Here
The Value of this program is $1,250.00 TESOL Certificate + Airfare+ 10,000 RMB Monthly
To ask questions please call: 1-888-837-6587

*Teach abroad in China with ESLBoards and TESOL Training International, and you can:

  • Get your TESOL Certification at any of the TESOL Training International Locations free after completing 12 month contract.
  • Be the lead teacher in your own classroom and give your Chinese students the English language skills they will need in their future careers
  • Experience China’s traditional festivals, try exotic cuisine, or find balance with early-morning tai chi lessons
  • Travel through ancient landscapes in a lush countryside of terraced rice paddies
  • Bolster your resume by gaining teaching experience and learning Chinese while you experience this fast-growing economy firsthand
  • Prepare for a globalized future by learning the distinctive styles of Chinese networking and negotiation